Islamic Education & Tafeez Ul Quran

Islam has, from its inception, placed a high premium on education and has enjoyed a long and rich intellectual tradition. Knowledge ('ilm) occupies a significant position within Islam, as evidenced by the more than 800 references to it in Islam's most revered book, the Holy Quran. The importance of education is repeatedly emphasized in the Holy Quran with frequent injunctions, such as "God will exalt those of you who believe and those who have knowledge to high degrees" (58:11), ". NAYMET Trust through its Islamic
Education programs (Alma Fazlaa, Tafseer ul Quran, Hifz & Nazra) embellishing knowledge with the objective of moulding the character and nature of individuals so that they can collectively represent Islamic Values, behave as vicegerent of Allah (SWT) and to serve as witness to truth and noble conduct. Being the vicegerent of Allah (SWT), individuals are taught about how to conduct his religious and sociopolitical affairs on earth as means to realize the purpose of his creation in accordance with the absolute will the Creator


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