Water Wells & Handpump Installation ( Tharparkar )

Tharparkar is an arid and underdeveloped district of Sindh province. It comprises seven tehsils –Kaloi, Diplo, Mithi, Islamkot, Nangarparkar, Chachro and Dahli. Its economy depends on arid agriculture and animal husbandry. Because of the scarcity of rains, dry spells and drought hit the area every few years. Malnutrition, scarcity of water, dry reservoirs, sporadic rains have resulted famine-like situation over there. Most poverty stricken communities in the region have rare access to safe drinking water, resulting
in various water-borne illnesses. Thus, NAYMET Trust has been actively involved in providing access to  safe water across Tharparkar to poor communities. NAYMET Trust took the initiative of Water Wells Construction, Hand pumps installation in the extreme hottest Region of Tharparkar. This a little effort proved the ray of life among the inhabitants.


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